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Dear Patrons of the Arts,

I am thrilled to announce that after many years of  performing in the entertainment industry, I am bringing another life long dream of mine to fruition.  I am proud to introduce to you, my very own production company, Holland St. James Entertainment.

As an actress, I have always believed in changing the world, “One character at a time.”  Through this new venture, I look forward to creating experiences that inspire, touch the soul, and bring the world together with love, laughter, and tears. Whether on stage, in film, through television, or sharing my passion for the Arts with my students, I will endeavor to find the truth of each character and share the beauty of each story. 

Thank you to each of you who have applauded my successes and held my hand through my challenges.  Your gestures of kindness have meant so very much to me.  You have helped to make my dreams a reality through your love, support, and many prayers.  Please take a bow and stay tuned.  

With much love and continued appreciation,

Amy Holland Pennell

Holland St. James Entertainment: Portfolio
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